Illustration on a pillow case

It was so fun to be able to do this project for a customer of mine. She requested me to draw an illustration in Marvel Comic inspired style of one of her friends who recently bought her own house! It was very a very special project and I had a lot of fun with it! Eventually (with the help of I printed the illustration so that I could heat press it on a pillow case. Here’s the process:

I started with a moodboard off different Marvel styles and send it to the customer, she then pointed out which ones she liked the best and based off of that I started sketching.

After the sketching I worked it out. I did the lineart and the colouring. Down here is the end result of the illustration.

And after the finishing touched I printed it with a special printer and pressed it on the pillowcase using a heat press. It turned out amazing if I do say so myself!

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